Encourage. Support. Inspire!

Inspiring Youth Achievement (INSPYA) is a registered charity (Charity number 1170347). It was founded in 2011 by Vida Simpeh with the aim of encouraging, supporting and inspiring young people to achieve their ambitions. The organisation was awarded a Partnership Award in 2015 for its partnership work with Haringey Council and it continues to strive to provide young people from less privileged backgrounds with the support they need to develop their knowledge, skills and ambition to achieve their career goals.

Inspiring Youth Achievement (INSPYA) achieves its aims through mentoring, self-development workshops and career and networking workshops.


The INSPYA mentoring programme was launched. We trained young people aged 16 -25 to mentor young people in a secondary school in Tottenham, who were on the verge of exclusion, underachieving or disaffected from education.

Our mentors, who had no previous mentoring experience, received a two day training which taught them how to engage with young people, build trust and rapport and to make progress within school.

Due to the success of our mentoring programme, we received a recommendation from the school to provide our mentoring programme in order schools.


We expanded the remit of the INSPYA mentoring programme to work with both primary school children and secondary school children.

From September 2013 – April 2014, we worked with both primary schools and secondary schools in Haringey and supported children within the primary schools to develop their confidence and make academic progress. We also continued our work with Secondary School pupils, who were on the verge of exclusion, underachieving or disaffected from education.


We reecieved the Alec Dickson Trust Award to further expand our mentoring programme.

In August 2014, we held a fundraising event called the “The Next Level”. The event was sponsored by Jingles Catering and had performances from Alim Kamara, Jaycee and Kenneth Barber. We were able to raise funds ┬áto further develop our mentoring programme and other projects.

We further developed the mentoring programme by providing our mentors (who were developing key employability skills) with professional mentors. The role of the professional mentors was to guide and direct our peer mentors on how to develop relevant skills within their respective career areas.


We were awarded a Community First Award (financial award) by the Community Development Foundation.

In partnership with Bruce Grove Youth Centre and with the support of student barristers from the Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn, we run Project DB8. This was a 6 week debating project where young people aged 13 – 19 were trained to develop the skill of debating. A debate with the motion, “This house believes that the UK should reinstate the death penalty” was held in front of their peers, Haringey’s councillors, parents and members of the community. In applying the debating skills which they had developed in the last six weeks, the team for the motion were successful in persuading those attending that the death penalty should be reinstated.

Inspiring Youth Achievement was awarded a Haringey Council Partnership Award, which was presented to Miss Simpeh by Councillor Felicia Opoku.


In partnership with Kick Start Consultancy, we run a boys group for young males (aged 15/16) who were underachieving in school and were on the verge of exclusion. The project sought to tackle their perception on education and to provide them with the knowledge and understanding required to develop their educational attainment.


In 2017, Inspiring Youth Achievement partnered with colleges to support students. The organisation is currently working in partnership with Sir George Monoux College and Haringey Sixth Form College running career workshops and seminars to equip young people with the knowledge they need to achieve their career goals and to inspire them.

Following very positive feedback from the students, further career workshops and seminars will be held in the colleges.


Inspiring Youth Achievement will be launching the Equip to Succeed Mentoring Program.

As part of the project we will be training University Students in Ghana to mentor young people aged between 14 – 17year olds.