INSPYA Workshops

INSPYA offers a variety of workshops aimed at developing young peoples’ key skills and attributes, such as:

  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Public speaking
  • Confidence


Project DB8 by Inspiring Youth Achievement

A six week debating workshop aimed at first time debaters in order to develop the skills of young people, such as confidence, public speaking, teamwork and leadership.

After 6 weeks of attending these workshops, the young people performed in front of members of the community, Haringey’s councillors, their family and friends. They debated the motion, “This house believes that the death penalty should be reinstated into UK law”.

They successfully interacted with the questions posed by members of the audience and the team for the motion were successful in persuading the audience that it was more cost effective to reinstate the death penalty into UK law.

Inspiring Youth Achievement develops projects aimed at developing the skills, understanding and knowledge for young people in order to assist them in achieving their goals and ambitions.

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